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Charge is an arts based project which aims to raise public awareness of Epilepsy, as well as provoke discussion around the disability. Based on an original idea of Christine Robertson and John Johnson, parents of a child with uncontrollable epilepsy.

About the Production of Charge

Producer and visual designer - Christine Robertson
To find out more visit or email

Co-producer- John Johnson
music and sound samples
- John Johnson ©

Additional Programming
Rachel Taylor -
Richard Haynes -

Professor Rodney Cotterill, Professor Susan Greenfield, Nathan bone, Jenni Meredith, Amanda Rapley-Redfern, Richard Haynes, Dr Frank Besag, NCYPE, (National Centre for Young people with epilepsy), formerly St Piers.

People and Organisations who assisted the project
Peter Ride, Artec - Islington, London (rip 2000)
Digital Guild
Arts Council of England
Purchase of computer equipment

London Arts Board
Purchase of computer equipment


To find out more about epilepsy

Contact The British Epilepsy Association

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