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  • Try to restrain the person having the seizure.

  • Put anything in the person's mouth or force anything between his/her teeth.
  • Try to move the person unless she/he is in danger.
  • Give the person anything to drink until they have fully regained consciousness.
  • It is not usually necessary to call for an ambulance when someone has an epileptic seizure. However, it may be necessary in the following circumstances unless a doctor can attend straight away.
  • Call for an ambulance if....
  • It is the person's first seizure, the cause of which is uncertain and needs investigation.
  • Injuries have occurred during the seizure, e.g. a cut that needs stitching. The elderly are especially at risk from falls.
  • The convulsive part of the seizure shows no sign of stopping after 5 minutes or 2 minutes longer than is usual for that person.
  • If a second seizure occurs without the person regaining consciousness.


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